Telstra Integrated Messaging (“TIM”) is a comprehensive 2-way mobile messaging service delivered through a single user interface for inbound and outbound email, SMS, and MMS. TIM’s sophisticated online administration enables use from any web browser, and additional capabilities include voice broadcast, secure messaging and location-aware messaging capabilities. TIM has been used widely for more than 10 years by Australia’s largest companies.

Integrates seamlessly with

oracle sap rsa-secure

Business Grade Platform

TIM is a proven an intelligent, geo-redundant and feature-rich software platform that currently delivers message volumes in excess of 50 million mission-critical messages a month worldwide and has demonstrated its ability to handle volume spikes and maintain low message delivery latency and high platform availability.

Trusted & Award-Winning Brand with 24x7x365 Service

TIM is built on award-winning software and is integrated with Telstra network services to offer proven technical platform adaptability and stability to address the bleeding-edge messaging needs of financial institutions. TIM is backed by Telstra’s 24x7x365 highly available support team.

Platform APIs for complete customization and integration

TIM’s flexible application framework can enable just about any business messaging use case, and TIM’s “Smart APIs” extend 2-way messaging for leading financial institution administration systems, CRM systems, and well as various industry alerting and facility IT systems.

Uses for Mining & Construction

Remote Worker


Use Broadcast SMS for incidents, and deploy TIM’s “Are you OK?” safety solution to verify remote worker status

  • Send reminders and confirmations for worker training programs
  • Broadcast alert system using SMS (texting), voice broadcast and email
  • Send dispatch alerts such as re-routing and weather updates
  • Supervisors can trigger group or crisis alerts from their mobile devices by simply sending one SMS
  • Optional safety solution includes auto escalation when workers do not verify safety/status
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Remote Logistics


Integrate SMS with your IT and business systems to enable automated alerts and remote worker system interactions

  • Enable workers to use SMS to confirm job completion by using keywords, such as “COMPLETED JOB 1234” &
  • Route messages from remote workers or machines intelligently into your IT systems for further action
  • Use SMS for escalation when equipment goes down
  • Use SMS for “Wake Up” in M2M remote monitoring solutions using data channels
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Staffing & Shift Fulfilment


Use SMS to automate your shift offers to available pools of shift workers, contractors or temporary workers

  • Deploys as a hierarchical, single- or multi-site implementation
  • Create pre-defined worker groups for quick job shift offers on the fly
  • Uses a “first-to-respond” method to award the job via SMS
  • Enables workers to accept or reject a job offer using SMS (reply ‘Y’ or ‘N’)
  • Automatically sends a reminder to the scheduled workers when the shift is about to begin
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